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Music Cues: No Sudden Move

John Lee Hooker cover of "Boom Boom" included in upcoming new Steven Soderbergh crime, thriller.

Film details:

HBO Max | Release Date: July 1, 2021 | R

Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Brendan Fraser, David Harbour, Don Cheadle, Jon Hamm, Julia Fox, Kieran Culkin, Matt Damon, Noah Jupe, Ray Liotta

Summary: Set in 1954 Detroit, No Sudden Move centers on a group of small-time criminals who are hired to steal what they think is a simple document. When their plan goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them – and for what ultimate purpose – weaves them through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city. [HBO Max]

Director: Steven Soderbergh Genre(s): Drama, Thriller, Crime Rating: R Runtime: 90 min

No Sudden Move - track listing

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