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How We Help

Supervision + Clearance

We have over 20 years experience in the music industry. Our key relationships with record labels, artists, music publishers and licensing agencies help speed up the best song selection and music clearance process for your projects.

Specifically we are great at finding the right music at or under budget along with the ability to find near perfect replacements for music that is unavailable or out of budget.

"Absolutely love working with you and want to continue to build the relationship... we'll be using you more and more in a music supervisor role on shows." - Spoke Media

Audio Editing + Sound Design

Our in-house audio editors and sound designers have years of experience developing rich audio experiences for listeners.

"The story is so layered and it's so beautifully produced... I just love the mix and the sound effects." - Drew Barrymore

From major studio projects to popular independent podcasts we have the skills and creativity to deliver the exact mix and sound our clients need.

Original Music Composition

Our team of music composers, producers and songwriters have worked on some of the most successful projects in the industry.

"Your services are an asset to our productions" - CarTrek Series


Give us a shout here.

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