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Musiclerk Clip Licensing Checklist

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Everything you you need to successfully license clips from films, tv, documentaries, podcasts and more for your project.


  • Title of your project? The official or working title of the project you plan to release.

  • Project type? Will your project be a feature film, tv series, documentary, YouTube video, podcast series/episode or other project type?

  • Description of the scene or moment the clip will appear in the project?

  • Confirmed talent for the project? Notable cast and crew attached to the project.

  • Production Company name?

  • Distribution Company name?

  • Overall production budget? Estimated or final budget for the project.

  • Content licensing budget? Estimated or final budget for clip licensing.

  • Distribution type? Where do you plan to release this project (theatrical, streaming/online and festivals etc.)?

  • Duration of clip use? Start and end runtime of the clip you plan to license.

  • Term length for the clip license (i.e. perpetuity, 15 years, 10 years, festival use only)?

  • Release date of the project? The final or estimated release date for the project.

  • Territory (worldwide, U.S. only etc.)?

  • Promotion or trailer use? Will the clip be used in online promotion or trailer of the project?

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