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Shelter in Place soundtrack set for late January release

Zach Robinson (Cobra Kai) tapped as composer for the horror-thriller from 1091 Pictures. Soundtrack to release 1/21/2022.

Film details:

1091 Pictures | Release Date (Streaming): September 14, 2021 | Not Rated

Summary: When a global pandemic limits the possibility of travel, a honeymooning couple gets stranded at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where a skeleton staff of two employees tend to them. When tensions escalate amidst a forced lockdown, it becomes apparent there is more to fear at the storied hotel than just cabin fever.

Director: Chris Beyrooty and Connor Martin Genre(s): Thriller, Horror Rating: Not Rated Runtime: 89 min

Shelter in Place(Original Soundtrack) track list:

1. The Hotel Guest

2. Massage

3. Thankful

4. Bloody Bed

5. Red Lights

6. The Only Ones

7. Bloody Hands

8. The Garage

9. Panic Attack

10. The Kitchen

11. Guest in the Bathtub

12. Sleepless Sarah

13. Pool

14. Ty’s Offer

15. Tarot

16. Unlock Room 508

17. Secret Bookshelf

18. Going Down

19. Cleaning Up Your Mess

20. The Cheese

21. Stabbed

22. Ritual

23. Dark Odella

24. Peek-a-boo

25. Hollywood Blvd.

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